Our institutional and private clients operate in a tax, legal and financial environment very complex. The implementation of appropriate tax structures require the assistance of qualified professionals and expert advice.


We will coordinate the implementation of your structure and all services related to Luxembourg entities

It could be your first set-up of a company, but your worries about navigating in troubled waters will quickly disappear when our professionalism and know-how come into play. We preserve your anonymity and take the initiatives that are necessary for implementing your company successfully.

Within the framework of our fiduciary services, we are qualified to carry out the following tasks :

  • Banking introductions
  • Verifying and confirming corporate names
  • Editing company by-laws and operating contracts
  • Incorporating your company (commercial, real estate, Soparfi and Holding company)
  • Obtaining the necessary authorisations and permits
  • Providing you with a Board of Directors
  • Printing and issuing shares
  • Providing you with a register of the shareholders

Vehicle Investment

Luxembourg boasts a wide choice of investment vehicle suitable for everyone, including